Friday, December 2, 2011

Music Box in GarageBand

How do you create a music box sound without recording someone's probably-copyrighted music off a purchased music box? In GarageBand, it is easy.
1. Create a music track that uses the CLEAN GUITAR or STEEL STRING ACOUSTIC, or some similar guitar.
2. Play the melody you want for the music box.
Now, how do you get the cool harmony?
You might notice that music boxes often have a low note that continues frequently through the song. This is called a "pedal tone."
3. Select a lower note that often fits with the melody note.
EASY music creation that combines steps 2 and 3:
Select chord progressions that have a common note, and keep that note on the bottom. Example
Dm > G/D > Bm7/D (has a slight clash-y sound like music boxes) > Am7/G > resolve to Dm.
The D note stays on the bottom.
For a music box example fitting into a classical OR rock OR hip hop sound, check out my song PSALM 134 ASCENDING at my main website,
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Updated version published  24 April 2018
Much joy to you in creating innovative music!