Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fix Lagging Synth Instruments

When you press the controller key for some MIDI (synth) instruments -- like bass, horns, and especially violin -- the notes often seem to be lagging.  Even after you have Quantized every note on the track (see previous blogs).  
HERE's WHY and a super-easy HOW TO FIX not only for Garageband but for any home recording studio.
WHY:   Some MIDI instruments have a "faster attack" than others. That's a fancy way of saying when you hit the controller key for a flute or oboe or guitar,   hey it's right there.  BUT MIDI instruments like organ  &  horns & strings & even synth textures are designed like the ACTUAL INSTRUMENT plays --- to "build into" the sound.  Thus, the note is quieter when it first hits and "solid" a fraction later.  Most people will never notice.  But if you are bugged by this LAGGING,  I can from my experience share a proven method for an
Reminder -- also in a previous blog It's easier to make changes if all regions have been joined.  Otherwise you will need to do these steps for every region on the track.
1.  Quantize the notes as described in previous blogs, such as August 2011.
2.  Save your project.  (a "duh" I know... but "how to" instructions should include everything!)
3.  Turn OFF   "SNAP TO GRID" (under CONTROL in GarageBand).
4.  Go into the Notation View (snowflake at bottom left in GB) and select "PIANO ROLL."
5.  Highlight at least one music note, then select all notes (Control-A).
6.  Decide on ANY single note that is Count 1 in a measure.  If that note is not "bumped" right up to the measure line, re-check your quantizing.
7.  With all notes still selected on the track, CLICK AND HOLD on the note from Step 6.  Very slowly move the note a SPECK to the left.  A fraction, a bit, a hiccup  to the left... whatever wording you'd like!  Now the "quiet" part of the note does come "early" -- but what you hear is the solid hit right on the measure bar.

8.  Turn ON   "SNAP TO GRID" and
MUCH JOY TO YOU as you continue to develop your song -- with MIDI instruments that no longer sound lagging!
©2012 DianaDee Osborne;  all rights reserved