Monday, July 22, 2013

Balancing Volume for Layered Tracks (orchestration).... by DianaDee Osborne

A really fun way to built up the music to a powerful song is to use LAYERS of tracks:
- Begin quietly with a few tracks.
- Start adding tracks one by one. 
- Have a center section that powerfully combines all tracks, 
- and then slowly starts dropping out tracks to the end of the song,
             with a quiet and simple ending.

This is especially effective with "orchestrated" tracks,
    such as using oboe and flute tracks; violins and cellos; organ and tenor sax.

Here is an example of "LAYERED ORCHESTRATED TRACKS",
          from my original song "Ninth of Av Warns Us."  
                         CLICK HERE FOR FREE AUDIO. (The accompaniment track that provides a better example is still being mastered:)

As you add tracks, however, the overall VOLUME BALANCE will change.
Mathematically, this is obvious:  Each new track adds volume.
       You must choose:  Do you want the song's volume to go up?
IF NOT,  gradually lower the older tracks' volume so the new track can be heard.

Much joy to you experimenting with layered tracks volumes for your new songs for The World!
©2013 DianaDee Osborne;  all rights reserved

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