Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Editing Multiple Draft Guitar Tracks

It's so exciting that the new LOGIC program has incorporated many of the advantages of GarageBand !!! --
especially EASY FADERS for fast volume control!
But GB still has both LOGIC and ProTOOLS beat when it comes to super-fast access to the menu for quantizing notes to 1/8ths or 1/4ths.  I'm still 'blown away" by someone thinking to put 1/32nd notes as the top menu choice in the old LOGIC program!

Here's an easy way to take several draft guitar tracks and work them into your song:  

1.  As the complete or almost-complete project is played, play a guitar track that "fits" in timing, chords, notes.... like "comping", playing "anything" for fun.  If this is a lead guitar (mostly single notes), name the track "Lead GTR 1 draft".
2.   Create another "comp for fun" track.... obviously named "2"!
3.   Now create a few "comp for fun" tracks using rhythm guitar chords, and name these "Rhy GTR 1 draft" (2,3, etc).

Now you're ready for lots of fun!
First decide for each kind of guitar (Lead and Rhy), decide which is your favorite.  Put these 2 tracks on top.   Group the other guitars under those 2 (easier to see). 

4.  Adjust the volume of EACH track to be consistent with the project.

5. Mute all guitar tracks except the first lead one.  Play the project and.... as you find parts of the track you do not like, split around the parts and delete them.  It's easiest if you can find a "space" between note, using the Notation editor's wave form.
NOTE:  At this point, it doesn't matter if there are large gaps!

6. Mute that track, un-mute the 2nd lead guitar track, and repeat Step 5.  Then do the same for each Rhythm GTR track.

7.  Visually look at the tracks.... Where both lead guitar parts are playing, decide which of the 2 you prefer and delete the other part.  Then do the same for the rhythm guitar tracks.

8.   Finally.... and then of course check at the end! ...
A.  DELETE SOUND:  Decide where you want sonic space" -- no guitar at all -- and delete those sections.  
B.  ADD SOUND:  Copy-paste favorite guitar riffs from one part of the track to another part of the same track.  (I do this a lot for copying verse 1's special riff into verse 2 for that same music.)
Much joy to you creating fast initial edits from multiple drafts of instruments!
©2013 DianaDee Osborne;  all rights reserved