Monday, March 17, 2014

Easy Quantizing for Jazz Swing MIDI Instruments

Quanitizing:  Making the music right on the beat.
Usually good.  But not in jazz.

For jazz notes, you can't just select notes and then "quantize to 1/8 notes" in a recording program like GarageBand or Logic or Protools.  You have two choices:

1. Play the song perfectly.    Note to self:  THAT ain't happening. 

2. Quantize each & every Count 1 note one at a time, and then go into MIDI editor and slide all the other notes that aren't perfectly timed.  
   Note to self:  Don't WANT that happening!

Here's a better Option 3:
3. Write and Record the music as 3/4 time. 
When you quantize, you'll still have the swing - but the timing will be perfect

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  2014 song    "ALL OF MY TROUBLES"  
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Much joy to you creating EASY steady timing music!
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