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How to SPLIT for Perfect Region - by DianaDee Osborne

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RECORDING HINTS -- written about using  GarageBand -- BUT
these Hints help increase your skills in ProTools, Logic, etc. 

This hint works for any studio recording, not just Garageband-- an easy way to "know where you are" when you copy a region to another place on that track where the music of other tracks is the same. Such as, when you decide after finishing a song to add one region of your violin track to go with another verse.

An earlier BLOG shows how keeping regions on a track separate comes in handy
when you later decide to add a verse (e.g.).
This goes one step further: When your regions do not all nicely begin on the same measure, so you can't just "copy down" all the regions in a section, copy them, and paste them elsewhere.
I discovered this EASY hint while adding two more interlude sections to "Desperate Prayer" (www.DiDoReflections.com -- free download to check for the example) ... that was not going to be an easy addition because the violin track had multiple regions which bridged from one region to the next of every other track (such as beginning several measures ahead of piano and flute).

This hint works ok for WAV tracks (audio of any type) but it's easier in MIDI; and it assumes you've followed an earlier blog hint -- aligned (quantizied) notes before and after an area to split.

As always, save your project before doing any major changes so you can easily do a File > Revert to Saved if needed.

1. Put your red place marker right at the beginning of the main region; for me, it was where the piano interlude had just ended and a verse was starting. Check your Score to be sure you're not one count off.

2. Select (turns dark green in GarageBand) the region you want to copy that bridges on both sides of that marker (which, yes, has a professional name I'll skip). For me: violin.

3. Select Edit > Split (remembering that the track name must be selected/ green in GB).

4. Select the two pieces now of that region, and do an Edit > Copy. Notice that the split is right at the red marker, at the beginning of your main region (my Piano verse #2 region).

You're almost there... finishing an easy perfect Copy: 

5. Now put the red marker at the corresponding place of the main track's other main region (my Piano verse #4 region)

6. Ensure the correct track name is highlighted (mine: violin). Selected Edit> Paste.

7. Test first, through the end. Then select the separate 2 pieces of your newly pasted region and do Edit > Join. Do the same for the 2 pieces of the region which you had copied.

The new regions now will fit perfectly with the rest of the music including on your main track. An easier copy than trying to match up measures for a track that goes across multiple regions of other tracks.

Much joy to you creating new music!
Lots of Examples to hear free at http://www.DianaDeeOsbornesongs.com/
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