Friday, April 13, 2018

Out-of-Phase Drum Loops - by DianaDee Osborne

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RECORDING HINTS -- written about using  GarageBand -- BUT
these Hints help increase your skills in ProTools, Logic, etc. 

Here's a fun experiment to create a "thick" grungy sound for different drum mood:

1. Create a standard MIDI drum loop, anything you like. Not TOO busy is best while experimenting. The "out of phase" will add a lot of double-hits.

You can copy as many loops as you like (steps 2 & 3):

2. Go to Track >Duplicate Track and create another drum track.

3. The "Duplicate Track" command in GarageBand doesn't do what the command does
in some other programs... you get an empty track!
Fix: copy your populated (original) drum regions onto new track.
___ 4a.   Hit "home" to place the marker on the very first count.
___ 4b   Paste the copy of the drum track on the new 2nd track.
___ 4c   If the track NOTES REGION does not being on Count 1, just
extend the front to add empty space back to Count 1.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 as many times as you'd like. More = More grunge
(so you'll have to watch Volume levels to be sure you don't kill your speakers!).

Here's where the FUN comes!!

7. IMPORTANT: Turn OFF   Snap To Grid   (under Control).
8. Open the region editor of the 2nd, duplicated,  drum track.
9. Widen the view to SPREAD OUT NOTES: That gives more control in Step 10.

10. Grab the 2nd track and very slightly drag it about  1/16th   or at most 1/8th 
of a count into the first measure.  REPEAT STEPS 8-10 FOR EACH TRACK.

The result? 
You get an "off kilter" or "out of phase" sound
when you play the drum tracks together.
Add a grungy guitar and heavy bass to begin a power packed new song!

Much joy to you creating new music!
Lots of Examples to hear free at
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