Thursday, August 25, 2011

Easy Counter-Melodies in GarageBand

One of the annoying features of GarageBand and some other software recording programs is that you can see the Notation View (the music notes on the staff) of only one track at a time. So if you want to add a synth bassline or a simple counter-melody in flute or sax, for example, you must either hope you've memorized the chord progression, or you must waste paper printing a multi-page music score you need for only a few minutes.

Easy fix:
1. Select by highlighting the track name of the track that is your main instrument (already recorded); for me it is usually grand Piano. In this case, if you select just a note within the notation view, this hint also works.
2. Select File > Print.... but don't print.
3. Click on Preview and then slide the preview window over to the side where you can see both it and the GarageBand main window.
4. Click on the new track where you want to record the counter-melody or bass (etc.) track, and begin recording, using the Preview window as your guide.

This is obviously a simple hint... but I printed out a fair number of sheets that I then discarded before I realized I could easily play from the Preview window.
Much joy in finding 'shortcuts' in music!
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Updated version published  16 March 2018

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