Saturday, October 29, 2011

Out-of-Phase Drum Loops in GarageBand

Here's a fun experiment to create a "thick" grungy sound for different drum mood:
1. Create a standard MIDI drum loop, anything you like. Not TOO busy is best while experimenting. The "out of phase" will add a lot of double-hits.
2. Copy as many loops as you like; then ensure the first region begins at the very first count. (Just drag the front to count 1, adding empty space in the region, if needed.)
3. Go to Track >Duplicate Track and create another drum track.
4. By now you've probably noticed that the "Duplicate Track" command in GarageBand doesn't do what the command does in some other programs... you get an empty track! So copy your populated drum regions onto the track.
5. Hit "home" to place the marker on the very first count.
6. Paste the copy of the drum track on the new 2nd track.
Here's where the fun comes!
7. IMPORTANT: Turn OFF Snap To Grid (under Control).
8. Open the region editor of the 2nd, duplicated drum track.
9. Grab the 2nd track and very slightly drag it about 1/16th or at most 1/8th of a count into the first measure.
The result? You get an "off kilter" or "out of phase" sound
when you play the drum tracks together. Add a grungy guitar and heavy bass to begin a power packed new song.
Much joy in Experimenting with Music!
©2018, 2011 DianaDee Osborne

An updated version published 13 April 2018