Monday, January 2, 2012

Get Out the Buzz! Easy MIDI Hint

This is one of my final Quality Check steps to get a better sound from MIDI instruments.
1. Go into the SCORE section of the music.
2. Select a short section. Working about 4 measures at a time, click ABOVE the first music note, then hold the mouse button as you drag the cursor down to the lowest note and then to the right-most bottom of the 4th or so measure.
3. Look at then length of the notes -- especially the last note in a measure.
THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT FOR SAX, HORN, and other "harsh" loud instruments.
4. If you see a note that has extended past the measure line, click on it and shorten its length.
5. A previous blog Hint provided more details about "quantizing" (the timing) and ensuring all notes are short enough to not "bleed" or extend into the next note -- the next note will not be heard if the earlier note lasts too long.
This simple step gets rid of a lot of buzz -- especially for loud songs like rock and funk.
6. If a review shows a specific measure where buzzing still happens, check each individual track that is playing at that point. Most likely, you hit the controller keyboard a little harder for a note and need to lower its Velocity (also in the music notation section; if in the MIDI view, loud notes will be in a brighter green in GarageBand).

Much joy in music to you!
©2018, 2012 DianaDee Osborne

An updated version published 1 May 2018