Sunday, January 8, 2012

DisguIsing the Off-Key Vocal Note

So the vocal line is great except for one tiny little EAR-catching off-key note! What do you do in GarageBand without a fancy ($$) program that does pitch correct?
DISGUISE the note.
You probably have several instruments playing simulataneously with the vocal track.
1. Pick the single-note instrument, such as flute or sax. Piano with all its notes is ok but not as effective in catching the listener's attention.
2. Go to that instrument's notes that surround the slightly-off vocal note.
3. Ensure that the instrument's track at that point does NOT include the correct vocal note! If it does, that will only serve as a measure to the listener that yes- the vocal note IS wrong.
4. Create harmony notes at this area with the instrument track. Notes can go above and/or below the vocal note. "Busy" (like 1/8th notes) can be a friend, but it's probably not needed.
5. Adjust the volume of the instrument's notes so that they stand "above" the vocal in the surrounding area somewhat -- not enough to be really noticeable, but enough to detract attention from the vocal.
6. If still needed, open the volume track, open the audio region to be 'wide', and reduce the volume of the offensive note:)
And of course, if all else fails.... call the vocalist in to re-sing the piece, or learn to just enjoy the fact that music is to be fun, not always perfect!
Much joy to you in the pleasures of sometimes-imperfect music...:)
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