Saturday, February 18, 2012

Music Sheets: Knowing Your Tempo

After you have created your music project, whether in GarageBand or another program, you might choose a music format that was NOT built from that project's software. For example, the
described at Resources tab for Music Method
tells you how to easily put your music into a written form for yourself and other musicians without the "foreign language" of symbols like ♬ or ♮ or ♭ or ♪ .

How do you ensure your music sheet has the correct music tempo for that project?
Try this trick that works well: In your program -- such as GarageBand -- use an odd-number tempo while you are still in draft stage, and are not yet quite settled on how fast you want your music to go. On your music sheet, include information such as TEMPO: 113 bpm (odd number).
After you decide what tempo you want -- because a difference even of only 8 beats per minute can turn a dragging piece into a more popping one --
1. Ensure that the GarageBand/program tempo is an EVEN number, and
2. Mark the music sheet to match, such as TEMPO: 114 bpm
3. Make the font for the music sheet's number BOLD.
Afterwards, you will always know when looking at your music sheet that you have verified the tempo and do not need to return to the program to ensure your sheet is correct.

Much joy in Music Writing to you! Creating something that has never before existed in the universe.... something uniquely out of YOUR mind only, that no one else would have thought of in the exact creative form you did..... music is such a joy! And remember --
YOUR music is NEVER wrong!
If you have clashing notes (as I OFTEN do in my 200+ songs, see, they are still right if YOU say so! That's your creative mind at work!
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