Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Avoid 4 Handed Drummers :)

Since few drummers have 4 hands, this could be a quite useful hint!  Thanks to home studio programs with loops, we  can record drums even if we can't play drums.  But it's very helpful to know at least a LITTLE about "real drumming" when you create your music tracks. One of my 2 recording studios'  producer happens to be an excellent drummer -- and he would have shaken his chair with laughter if I hadn't caught this mistake in my home studio right before sending out my tracks:
1.   I had found a really driving Paradiddle drum loop (fast beats that alternate left and right stick drumming often on a snare drum).
2.   But even with compression, the drum track was not "thick" enough for the music -- I needed more presence.
3.   So I found a perfect group of loops that added depth from hits on toms.

     The beat was full, fit the music, gave it character....
     And then as I was doing my final review, I suddenly realized:

Paradiddles take     two hands.   
The drum loops I was using were quickly going from tom to tom --   two more hands. 
So unless I could find a 4 handed drummer for this song, I'd be out of luck.

But I WAS in luck -->  Claxton never got to crack up laughing at me for needing a 4 handed drummer!   Hint summary:  
        Analyze your loops to make sure they're possible  
in real life.  Although I'm sure real drummers would enjoy the humor 
of your "drumming"  more if you don't!
Much HUMOR in your music mistakes.... have fun with laughing at yourself!
©2012 DianaDee Osborne;  all rights reserved

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