Monday, November 26, 2012

Cheap (and FREE) Studio Programs are GREAT!

I keep hearing sarcastic remarks about how GarageBand and some of the other cheap or even FREE studio programs are weak.
How they can't do much.
How the really expensive programs are so much better.

OK.  Anyone knows there are huge programs that can do more, do better, do faster.
But -- Suppose you don't have the $$$ for them.
Suppose you don't have hours to LEARN them?
Because the more simple studio programs like GarageBand are EASY to learn!
I usually need someone to show me how to use new computer programs --
But I learned GB even without reading any online instructions.

Simple programs are often intuitive -- "point and shoot."
Have you ever tried searching through dozens of menus and dropdown boxes in ProLogic
      before you found out how to turn off SNAP TO GRID?  It's one menu level down in GB.

The greatest advantage of cheap and free studio programs is this:
You can save HUNDREDS of dollars creating your own simple music tracks in your home studio, and save HOURS of time taking your project to a professional studio.

Check out my website
for an example.  I've created, copyrighted, and 
published over 250 songs on the Web  in just under 3 years.  Over 80 songs per year.  
And I am assuredly not rich.

I just take my piano tracks -- already quantized by me instead of during expensive studio time -- 
and all other music tracks to be mastered at one of my two professional studios.  I lay professional vocal and bass and guitar tracks there,  and Claxton Wilson does live drums (and slap bass) for me in one studio while Johnny Kyle does lead guitar for me in another studio.

But I've saved thousands of dollars and weeks of studio time by using GarageBand.   Anyone can.
Perhaps you too can find the joy of GOING SIMPLE  to have fun creating your own music!
Much joy to you in music!
©2012 DianaDee Osborne;  all rights reserved.
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