Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mastering CD Track Volumes, by DianaDee Osborne

Easy way to master CD tracks so each has a
consistent volume level with the others: 
As we "send to iTunes" in GarageBand... or "bounce out"
completed songs with all tracks in Logic or ProTools etc, 
it's difficult to have exactly the same volume per song.
       ONE REASON:       
Some drum tracks or instrument tracks
are naturally louder-- a song full of flute and light keyboard
only is naturally softer unless we're careful to raise volume.

Simple method for a quick mastering of volumes:
1. Create a separate recording program project with the CD Name.
2. Pull in each full song, in track order.
3. Slide each track to begin after the previous track--
      with the amount of "silence" you want between tracks.
4. Listen to the "seam" between each track, and 
5.     adjust the track's volume to match TRACK 1.

6.  OPTIONAL IDEA:  Create a filler track to transition 
     from one track to the next with a bit of continuing music.
     I like to use foundation tracks from the SYNTH LEAD
     instrument family in Garage Band. 
7.  BUT REMEMBER: Unlike in expensive programs,
     you cannot "bounce out" track pieces from GarageBand.
     A.  If you have no filler (#6), just drag each song track to
           Measure 1; send each to iTunes; and create CD from there.
     B.  If you DO create a filler, it's a bit more time consuming:

--  Send the FULL CD tracks to iTunes,
--  Pull that new merged track into the GarageBand project.
--  Separate each track as each new song starts
-- Then do Step 7A above. 

     this is a good way to get Advance Ideas on what you want.
hearing how tracks blend into each other--
so you get a preview and can experiment with
changing song track order to give the CD sound you want.

Much joy to you creating new music!
Lots of Examples to hear free at
©2014 DianaDee Osborne;  all rights reserved

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