Monday, March 9, 2015

Easy EMOTIONAL MIDI Instruments, by DianaDee Osborne

Earlier blogs explain how to easily "quantize" - 
ensure each Count lands exactly on the click: 
      But often we want a personal, "emotional" sound
especially for the song introduction,  before the 
verses or chorus demand a completely on beat timing
to   match the drums   that come in later. 

BUT-- It's difficult to visually tell where the 
flexible timing ends & the on-beat timing should start and thus be quantized. 
Easy fix:  TWO tracks:  Piano 1 and Piano 2, e.g.
Just label the FLEXIBLE track, such as
                      Dont Q-Piano 1.

and exactly the timing you want.
Later you can "bounce out" the 
tracks together to get a combined 
WAV  or   MP3  file  for that instrument.

Have lots of fun PLAYING music while you create it!
Lots of Examples to hear free at
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with credit info above.

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